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One Acre Napa Valley – Yountville AVA Episode 14 – 2014 Crushing of Fruit

     One Acre Wine Making

Cabernet Fruit was harvested just a few hours before, on Monday October 6th. Now being processed through the destemmer / crusher. Dry ice being added to allow the fruit to cold soak.


  1. Gregory Barber

    Hello Mr. Becker
    I have I think watch most of your videos and have enjoyed them immensely and learned a great deal. I see you have a great passion and love for your One Acre & Acre Vineyard. Hope to visit your vineyard someday. I live on 1.10 Acre in sunny Taghum BC Canada.
    and have been to Napa Valley in 2013 and was very dry when I was there. But it is a beautiful place. anyways I have a Question
    have you made any videos on your wine making process ?
    Oh. 1 more Question if that’s ok ” Did you go with cane pruning or cordon pruning? ” I have watched the video but you showed both so I was wondering about this.
    Thanks for your time. Sincerely
    Greg Barber

  2. Dave

    Hi Greg
    Thanks very much for taking the time to write. I am happy to hear you enjoyed the videos, I just wanted to share some of the things I had learned and found helpful. We actually had planned to do a series of videos on winemaking, but my very talented friend Adam K. who does the filming has been quite busy this year. I hope to be able to finish up the series next year, with a number of winemaking videos.
    Good question on cane vs. cordon. I actually am still doing both. I am still experimenting a bit to see which is best as the vines develop.
    Thanks again for reaching out, and the next time you are down this way give me a call, we could have a look at the vineyards.


  3. Dave Talley

    Thank you for your time on Friday. We really appreciated the time you took to meet us. We will gladly send you pictures of our vineyard when we get back to Tennessee .

  4. Dave

    Hi Dave
    It was very nice to spend time with you. And thanks for coming to visit the vineyard, you both did a great job pruning. Please stay in touch as your vineyards continue to develop.
    Thanks again


  5. Hebergeur

    The epitome of the do-it-yourself grower and winemaker, Becker is owner, operator and sole farmhand of One Acre Wines, a name that quite literally describes the origin of his product. Becker has also become a role model of sorts for small scale growers and winemakers throughout the world.

  6. Doug Provence

    I really enjoy watching your videos. Ive learned alot and building my confidence getting started. I live in Northeastern Oklahoma. Been reading all i can about starting a grape orchard.

  7. Richard Kirsten

    Hey Dave,
    Your videos are great and have really helped me to appreciate starting and operating a vineyard. I am looking at starting my own vineyard on the old family farm that has been pasture on the Gulf Coast of Texas using blanc du Bois hybrid, supposed to be disease resistant and good for my area. Will visit you when in SF area.
    Best regards, Richard


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