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One Acre Napa Valley – Yountville AVA Episode 9 – 1st Pruning of the Young Vines – March 2012

     Development of Yountville Vineyard

First pruning of the young vines on March 21st, down to 2 buds in the new “One Acre” Yountville vineyard. This technique will allow the root system that developed last year to put all its energy into just 2 buds and push strong shoots that will develop the trunk and structure of the young vine.


  1. Sjoerd

    Hi Dave
    Big Thank You for all your help from Nollingen in the Deep South of Germany. I planted my 80 vines last year and have followed your marvellous vids as a “how to” all the way. According to the local custom I’ll be training Guyon so we part our ways here for while. Catch up again when it comes to making wine.

  2. Dave

    Hi Sjoerd
    Very nice to hear from you, thank you for letting me know that the videos have been some help to you. It would be nice to see some pictures of your vineyard someday and how your vines are doing there in Nollingen.

    Thanks again



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