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One Acre Napa Valley – Yountville AVA Episode 12 – Spring 2013 Fruit set – June 2013

     Development of Yountville Vineyard

On this 1st Day of June see the small berries beginning to form after bloom and the clusters starting to take shape. For more details on bloom, please see episode #4 form the Oak Knoll Vineyard

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  1. Joaquin Perez

    Hi Dave, I am not sure whether my first comment went through to you but here I am again…This is to let you know that your video has taught me a greal deal of how to grow and care for the grape vine as they started to shoot up….I have learned so much from you by just watching and listening to you… I have started my table grape vine already this year with 6 planted. I followed everything of what you said and how to prune and care for the vine. I look forward to see the result within 3 years from now. My vines has started to shoot up and growing pretty healthy. Thanks Dave for your instructions and professional techniques. Joaquin


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