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One Acre Napa Valley – Yountville AVA Episode 11 – Spring 2013 Training- March 2013

     Development of Yountville Vineyard

As the vineyard enters its 3 year, the structure of the vines are being trained into spur and cane pruning as well as cordons. Both styles will be followed through out the series to compare the difference of each and how the different styles affect crop load and ripening. Also see how sucker shoots on the root stock are removed.

We are now in the process of putting the entire series on DVD, so feel free to contact me at and we will put your name on our DVD list.


  1. Igor Gorley

    Thank you, Dave, for this video! So clear and simple! I have a dream to make same vineyard like your in my land. Thank you for master class! Best wishes and success! Sorry for my english…

  2. Paul Dermid

    These are such great learning videos, Thank you for sharing your
    experience, and knowledge with us. I would love to have your DVD
    set on this


  3. Joaquin Perez

    Thank you Dave for the lesson on pruning the grape vine. I have learned so much from you by just watching and listening to you with clear explaination and techniques you have presented in the video. I have started my grape vine this year and I am looking forward for more planting as I go alone taking care and learning how to grow and care for the grape vine. I will continue to watch and listen to you as always….Thanks again…I look forward to see my grape vine results in a few years to come.

    22 Flosway Lane
    Berkeley Springs, WV 25411


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